The goods are usually dispatched within 2 days after receipt of payment and sent by our trusted courier or can be collected from our warehouse if requested.

Shipping charges include packaging and transport costs; they vary depending on the total weight of the shipment and the place of delivery.

In addition, freight rates are based on 3 weight ranges: 0Kg-600kg; 601Kg- whole pallet weight (whole pallet weight changes depending on the product); multiples of whole pallet. We therefore suggest (but are not obliged) that you maximise the 'purchased goods/shipping cost' ratio by purchasing around 600Kg of goods or one or multiples of whole pallets.

In some provinces (listed at the bottom of the page of each product) there is a delivery cost ceiling starting from a certain number of pallets (varying from province to province), which can considerably reduce the incidence of the shipping cost on the value of the goods purchased.

For deliveries to smaller islands, it is mandatory to contact us before ordering to provide you with an accurate shipping rate. The goods will be sent under the responsibility of the customer.

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