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our history

In the 1980s, three courageous individuals - Giuseppe, Carlo and Giovanni Zuccarini - our parents, took a bold step by opening the company 'La Vittoria s.a.s.'.

In this enterprise, they invested not only their modest possessions, but also their precious talent.

The name itself, 'La Vittoria,' was inspired by the nearby small church dedicated to Our Lady of Victory, located a short distance from the factory.

This new chapter represented a natural evolution from the previous business of producing and trading in straw and hay.

Led by a great man, our grandfather Domenico, the cohesion and spirit of sacrifice of the three Zuccarini brothers turned the fledgling company into an extraordinary success story.


Although the beginnings were challenging, the first months were dedicated to construction work, the assembly of sheds and the installation of machinery. However, the company's first year ended with a modest turnover and considerable bank debt.


At the time, the company produced straw and hay-based fodder as semi-finished products for other companies. The main customers were renowned Italian feed manufacturers, such as Petrini, Mignini, Dell'Aventino, Raggio di Sole and Veronesi.

our history

The Turning Point in 1987

1987 was a crucial year. A devastating fire reduced the factory to ashes, a terrible fate caused by a group of young people who, in the absence of more constructive occupations, set fire to the site. The flames burst into flames, reaching frightening heights and consuming everything for five days.

Those days were etched in the memory, the faces of our parents expressed a mixture of pain, anger and frustration. The damage was devastating: sheds 12 metres high became a tangle of twisted iron, truckloads of straw turned into looms, forklifts and equipment melted under the heat, and a warehouse containing 20,000 quintals of straw and hay vanished into ashes. About 90 per cent of the equipment was destroyed. However, just when it seemed that all was lost, our parents once again showed courage and indomitable spirit. In just two months, they restarted production.

our history

Continuity and Generational Transition

In 2008, 'La Vittoria s.r.l.,' was established, marking a generational transition within the company. From that moment until today, we - Grazia, Andrea and Luciano - have carried on our parents' legacy. Inspired by the tenacity and dedication of the founders, we work tirelessly to move the company forward.


This is the story of 'La Vittoria': an odyssey of challenges faced with determination, a devastating fire defeated by resilience, and a generational shift that secured the future of a dream undertaken in the 1980s.


innovation, continuous improvement and quality

Our ongoing commitment is to make environmentally friendly bedding, feed and hay for horses that is always of high quality and genuineness. We don't use the cheap 'junk' that you find around, we only buy fodder and grain from our historical, trustworthy and long-standing suppliers. Innovation, continuous improvement and quality have always been the 'nags' in our head. Each in their own area of expertise: Andrea is dedicated to production and technological innovation, Grazia is in financial management and administration, while Luciano defines the choices and strategic aspects.

our challenge

offer a high standard of quality

Our production challenge is to produce hay, feed and bedding for horses with a high quality standard, thinking as if our customers' horses were our own!
We know very well that doing this is not easy, but the difficulties do not frighten us; on the contrary, precisely when they arise, they stimulate us to 'roll up our sleeves' and work even harder!
In short, our challenge (and our pride) is to keep alive the spirit of the Zuccarini family, which, starting with our grandfather Domenico and our parents, inspires our daily actions.

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